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Scaling embedded connectivity

Solving Challenges at the Edge

Accelerating connected product development

Today, companies need to connect their products to unlock business value and remain relevant in an increasingly competitive IoT-enabled world. They find connecting things is hard, costly and fraught with vendor lock-in.

What they need is a flexible and adaptive solution to this challenge that lets them quickly and securely bring connected products to market in a way that gives them freedom of choice in the tools and platforms they use to build their solutions while maintaining the flexibility they need to adapt to the dynamic and changing requirements of the business.

DeviceTone is the answer. It delivers a secure and open solution that empowers companies to quickly and easily create secure connected products that they can manage at scale.

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Complying with Privacy Regulations: Not Easy for IoT Solution Providers

Complying with Privacy Regulations: Not Easy for IoT Solution Providers

Security and privacy in a world of an increasing number of connected things has become more complex and challenging than ever. With new regulations being passed in the EU, US, Asia and every other region in the world, IoT industry participants are being tasked with ensuring everything from their devices and applications to their transmission networks and clouds comply with laws wherever they or their distribution partners do business.

The Team

David Chouraqui

David Chouraqui

EVP, Head of EMEA

Alon Mantsur

Alon Mantsur


Philip des Autels

Philip des Autels


Eliav Gnessin

Eliav Gnessin


About DeviceTone™

DeviceTone™ simplifies connected product development by empowering companies with tools that unlock business value in world being reshaped by IoT.

Until now, connecting things at the edge of the network has been hard, costly and fraught with vendor lock-in. DeviceTone solves this by delivering a solution that allows companies to quickly, securely and easily connect and manage products at scale in a way that adapts to the dynamic needs of the business. Its open approach gives businesses the flexibility and choice they need to integrate newly connected products into the businesses existing IT ecosystem and the ability to adapt to the dynamic needs of the business.

DeviceTone Edge™ is a highly customizable client for smart connected products. Built on open source technologies, DeviceTone Edge puts the power of embedded development in the hands of every developer. DeviceTone Edge runs on hundreds of chipsets large and small, enabling secure integrated edge solutions across devices and gateways.

DeviceTone Manager™ delivers secure remote management of connected products that gives companies the ability to manage devices one to one, millions at a time.

DeviceTone™ simplifies connected product development, accelerates time to market, and de-risks the product development process.

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